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Event ID: 1059 Source: DhcpServer

The DHCP service failed to see a directory server for authorization.
One of our sites had this error in a child domain server dedicated to a remote site. The server was built at HQ and apparently picked up a DHCP server configuration in AD for another server at another remote site. We were also logging Event ID 1046, and after following the procedure in ME938456 both errors were resolved. ADSIEDIT opened the configuration container of the parent DC by default so we needed to connect to the configuration connection point on the child domain controller before proceeding to delete the references to the other remote server (configured as part of the parent domain on another remote site).
I had this error after applying Microsoft's Baseline Security Policy to my Domain Controller's OU. The DHCP server started, was authorized and the scope was activated but failed to assign IP addresses to the clients. To correct the problem, I disabled my secured domain controller group policy and reverted back to the Default Domain Controller Policy. Once I reverted, I forced a group policy update and tried again. If you still have the need to secure the Domain Controllers group policy, make changes one at a time and test after applying.
As per MSW2KDB, the DHCP server could not be authorized because no domain controller was found.
We had this error while there was a domain controller booted that should not have been there. This old machine was installed weeks ago as the domain controller with the same domain name but then sorted out because of hardware problems. After this old DC was down, restarting the DHCP-Server resulted in a clean startup without any error. For hours there were 2 DC's there both with global catalogs, etc. but different security ids for the domain.

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