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Event ID: 20000 Source: BlackBerry Policy Service

{<username>@<domain> PIN:pinnumber ID:8}RequestHandler::PollForMissingApps: GetHHCodePackages failed with the error: (null).
This event id can be recorded with a various type of error messages in the description. It is typical of Blackberry software to use a limited number of event IDs and use the same ID for a very wide variety of problems. For this reason, any troubleshooting approach should be based no that much on the event id itself, but in the actual event description.
Description: "RequestHandler::DoWork - ITAdminQueue HealthCheck found issues" - no information

Description: "{mail address PIN=30252D90 UserId=28}RequestHandler::SendKeyRegenerationRequest: Sending Key Regeneration request to device" - no information

Description: "{mail address PIN=3026245A UserId=15}WorkerThreadPool::CheckSentQueueForTimeouts - After 4 hours the device has not acknowledged receipt of the SET_ITPOLICY_REQUEST command requeuing entry id 3" - According to Article ID: KB13464, this may be recorded because Either the BlackBerry device is not a wireless coverage area or it has an IT policy from another source that cannot be replaced. To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:
1. Check the personal identification number (PIN) supplied in the event log.
2. Have the BlackBerry device user activate the BlackBerry device over the wireless network.
3. If this fails, remove all data and applications from the BlackBerry device, refer to EV100328 (BlackBerry article KB02318).
4. Activate the BlackBerry device over the wireless network.

Description: "{ PIN=252D4334 UserId=4}WorkerThreadPool::CheckSentQueueForTimeouts - After 4 hours the device has not acknowledged receipt of the REQUEST_KEY_GENERATION command requeuing entry id 27" - Some users recommended regenerating the encryption key on the BlackBerry device (via Settings, Tools, Options, Security Options, General Settings, Desktop, 3DES, Regenerate Encryption Key.
Description: "phraseSendKeyRegenerationRequest: Sending Key Regeneration request to device." - According to BlackBerry Support Article Number: KB-03966 (currently removed from their website), the cause if this is that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is attempting to wirelessly generate an encryption key for a BlackBerry device that is not capable of supporting this feature.

The resolution is to install BlackBerry Device Software version 4.0 Service Pack 1.

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