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Event ID: 3013
Event Source: Windows Search
Event Type: Error
Event Description: Context: Application SystemIndex Catalog Details: A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x8007001f)
Event ID: 3013
Event Source: Windows Search Service
Event Type: -
Event Description: -
Comment: we have the same problem , it says :
The entry <C:\PROGRAM FILES\TREND MICRO\SECURITY SERVER\PCCSRV\WEB\SERVICE\AU_DATA\AU_TEMP\2636_9248\3\65537> in the hash map cannot be updated.

i send a mail to TrendMicro Support , and my answer was :
"please Exclude the TrencMicro address in Windows Search Indexing" Index: 8951
Event ID: 3013
Event Source: Search
Event Type: -
Event Description: -
Comment: I have a situation where when using XP Pro to password protects a .zip file - this error occurs. there is also an error that reads something like: cannot create output file.
The .zip file could be password protected on the desktop and then moved to the server w/o error. This is new behavior, and didnít happen last week.  Server locked up last week and required power cords to be removed. Reset button didnít work.   Iím going to try another power cycle the server at next scheduled maintenance.
Index: 10470

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