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Error code 00000079

Error code


This message, also known as Stop 0x79, is displayed when the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and the kernel or the computer type do not match. This error most often occurs when single-processor and multiprocessor configuration files are mixed on the same system. Stop 0x79 can occur if either the Ntoskrnl.exe or Hal.dll files have been manually updated. The error can also indicate that one of those two files is out-of-date (that is, the HAL is designed for Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0 and the kernel is for Windows 2000). Additionally, the computer might erroneously have a multiprocessor HAL and a single-processor kernel installed, or vice versa.
This error also occurs when ACPI firmware settings are changed. For example, you might install Windows XP Professional on an x86-based computer with the firmware ACPI enable option enabled and later decide to disable it.

See the links below for further information on troubleshooting this error.


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