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Error code 0000007B

Error code


This Stop message, also known as Stop 0x7B, indicates that the system lost access to the system volume or boot volume during the startup process. This error always occurs while the system is starting and is often caused by one of the following:
- Hardware problems
- Corrupted or incompatible storage drivers
- File system problems
- Boot sector viruses
- Outdated firmware
- During I/O system initialization, this error can occur when:
The controller or driver for the startup device (typically the hard disk) failed to initialize the necessary hardware. File system initialization failed because the system did not recognize the data on the boot device.
See the link to troubleshooting startup problems.

From another article:
Usual cause: A problem occurred during the initialization of the I/O system (usually the startup device or the file system).

- Check for viruses on your computer. This Stop message is frequently displayed when there is a virus in the boot sector.
- Repair or recover the hard disk. For ways to fix the hard disk, see Repair overview and Recovery Console overview.
- Remove any newly added hard disks or controllers.
- If you are using a SCSI adapter, obtain the latest driver from the adapter vendor, disable sync negotiation, check termination, and check the SCSI IDs of the devices.
- If you are using Integrated Device Electronics (IDE) Integrated Device Electronics (IDE) a type of disk-drive interface in which the controller electronics reside on the drive itself, eliminating the need for a separate adapter card. IDE offers advantages such as look-ahead caching to increase overall performance.devices, define the onboard IDE port as the primary channel. Check the master/subordinate settings for the IDE devices. Remove all IDE devices except for the hard disk. See your hardware manufacturer's documentation for more information.
- Check for hard disk corruption by running chkdsk. If you cannot run chkdsk, you might have to move the hard disk to another computer that is running a product in the Windows Server 2003 family and then run the chkdsk command. For more information, see Chkdsk. (Note that chkdsk is available, with a limited set of options, in Recovery Console.)
- If the computer will not start normally, try starting it in Last Known Good Configuration Last Known Good Configuration. A hardware configuration that is available by pressing F8 during startup. If the current hardware settings prevent the computer from starting, Last Known Good Configuration can allow you to start the computer and examine the configuration. When Last Known Good Configuration is used, later configuration changes are lost.. For more information about how to start your computer in Last Known Good Configuration, see Start the computer using the last known good configuration.

Important: When you use Last Known Good Configuration, system setting changes made after the last successful startup are lost.

M122926 shows how to troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" errors in Windows NT.
M822052 shows how to troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" errors in Windows 2000.
M324103 shows how to troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" errors in Windows XP.

See the links below for additional information on this error.

This can occur with Windows 2000/XP when moving a hard-disk to a different chipset motherboard (or indeed upgrading the motherboard). Also occurs when using sysprep. MS article M271965/M314082 detail work-arounds. Can also be done by transferring to a working machine, loading the system hive in regedt32 and editing as per instructions in M271965.


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