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Error code 0000008E

Error code


M967228 describes a condition when this problem happens on a Windows Server 2008-based or a Windows Server 2003-based that is running Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Software. It is happening because the hdlmdsm.sys driver is referencing the MdlAddress pointer. A hotfix is available from Hitachi.

My experience of this error related to faulty RAM on a Fujitsu Siemans Primergy Econel 100 server which was crashing a couple of times a day and restarting with a "hardware Error" blue screen.
Recommend running a memory test utility on the system such as memtest86 from a CD/floppy and see what the results are. If the tests report any errors then the RAM is faulty and needs replacing.

This error is typically related to applications (or software drivers) that are attempting to use "advanced" features of the existing hardware. This may include accelerators, overclocking utilities, and other similar software that is using a less "orthodox" approach in managing the hardware.

Other articles indicate that this error might be caused by faulty hardware (i.e. faulty or incompatible memory modules).

As per M903251, this problem can also be caused by a virus, in this case, the HaxDoor virus.

Make sure you have the latest service packs, patches and drivers/firmware.


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If you have additional details about this error code, please send it to us

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