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Error code 0000009F

Error code


According to M961891, this may be recorded when the system tries to perform page-swapping operations during system shutdown, these operations fail because the disk device object that holds the paging files is no longer responsive. A hotfix is available from Microsoft.

This behavior occurs when drivers do not handle power state transition requests properly. The error message most often occurs during one of the following actions:
- Shutting down.
- Suspending or resuming from Standby mode.
- Suspending or resuming from Hibernate mode.

The problem can also be caused by hardware that does not correctly support hibernation and standby. If this problem appears after installing new hardware, first troubleshoot the driver for the hardware component by searching for an updated version. An updated firmware for the new hardware might also resolve the problem. If this fails, the hardware itself might be responsible for the error. In this case, replace or remove the hardware to resolve the problem.

According to Microsoft, to prevent the error message from occurring, update or remove the offending driver. This behavior is not limited to device drivers; it can also occur with file system filter drivers (for example, drivers installed by an anti-virus, Remote Control, or backup program). To isolate the driver that is causing the problem, use the following steps:
1. Check to be sure your computer and all devices are on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and have WHQL signed and certified drivers. You can use Sigverif.exe to check for unsigned drivers.
2. Check for driver updates that may be available for your hardware.
3. Update software that uses filter drivers (for example, anti-virus, remote control, and backup software).
4. Uninstall any non-critical devices and software to help isolate the device/software that may be causing the problem.
5. Install Windows in a new folder. Add drivers and restart as you proceed to isolate the driver that is causing the problem.

M907477 has information on how to troubleshoot hibernation and standby issues in Windows XP. See the links below for further information on this error.


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