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Error code 1

Error code
Incorrect function.


This error indicates that a program tried to use a system function (that is a programming function that it is offered by the operating system) but the way it tried to use it is not correct. It could be the wrong number of parameters, the wrong type of parameters, the wrong context, etc...

The user of the program has little control over this process (typically none). Since this indicates a bug in the program the best one can do is to try to obtain the latest service packs or hotfixes or upgrade to a new version. If possible, it is advisable to contact the program developer to obtain support.
This issue it may also happening only in a certain state of the operating system so a reboot might clear this condition.

This error is reported when one or more operating system function calls fail. Usually this is happening due to mistakes in the application that made the calls or because of an unexpected situation in operating system and/or application environment.
The Win32 error is usually a bottom line conclusion reached by the operating system after one or more failed Win32 API calls. Various OS subsystems report their status codes after the failure and these are converted to the final Win32 error.

For example, here are the driver status codes that maps to Win32 error 1:


And these are the Kernel status codes that maps to Win32 error 1:


There is very little a user can do to fix these kinds of errors, so the efforts should be directed in replacing the faulty code:

- obtain and apply the latest service pack/hotfix for both the application and OS
- write the details of the error and the circumstances and obtain support from the application vendor.

Also the application and the OS may be restarted hoping that the particular circumstances that determined the error will not happen again.


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Keywords: Incorrect function.: Google - Bing - Microsoft - Yahoo

If you have additional details about this error code, please send it to us

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