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Error code 1055

Error code
The service database is locked. ERROR_SERVICE_DATABASE_LOCKED


According to Microsoft, this error appears when an application tried to lock a service database that was already locked. Alternatively, an application may have tried to start a service when the service database was locked.

The service database stated in the error message is a database maintained by the SCM (Service Control Manager) of all installed services, including a list of all services and device drivers that must be loaded, in order for Windows to start successfully. As additional services, such as Exchange Server 2003 services, are installed on the server, entries are added to the services database. SCM maintains this database in the following registry location:


The services database contains a key for each installed service and driver. SCM must lock the services database during SCM initialization in order to serialize access to the configuration information. For example, SCM locks the services database before starting a service, so that the service configuration cannot be changed while the service starts. SCM releases the lock when the service start is complete. Service configuration programs must also communicate with SCM to request a lock before reconfiguring a service and to release the lock. See “Understanding Windows Services architecture” for more details.

M214762 and M264559 indicate that the problem is seen when a service has failed to start properly, causing the Service Control Manager to maintain a lock on the service database on behalf of the service.

The MSDN article "LockServiceDatabase" provides more information on this database.


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