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Error code 1332

Error code
No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.


As per M324383, this error code means that there was a failure to resolve a security account to a security identifier (SID). This typically occurs either because an account name was mistyped or because the account was deleted after it was added to the security policy setting. This typically occurs in the User Rights section or the Restricted Groups section of the security policy setting. It may also occur if the account exists across a trust and then the trust relationship is broken.

Here are some examples when this error may occur:

- M174729 - In this case, the error occurs if Exchange setup is unable to get the SID for the Microsoft Exchange Service Account. Usually this means that the Windows NT Primary Domain Controller is unavailable and setup was unable to contact any Backup Domain Controllers.
- M190822 - If the Windows NT service RPC Configuration has been removed, this problem will appear when you try to install Exchange.
- M238128 - If a group name contains a forward slash ( / ) or semicolon ( ; ), this error will appear in FrontPage.
- M247325 - In this case, the error can occur if the computer is in a workgroup and the Administrator account or the account that you are logged on with has been renamed.
- M249280 - If you receive this error after entering the password for the Exchange Server service account, note that Exchange Server 5.5 only recognizes account entries in the format of Domain\Account, not in the [email protected] format.
- M273875 and M295335 - It is not possible to promote a computer named "Internet" to a Domain Controller. Internet is a restricted Windows 2000 computer name and cannot be used by a domain controller, a member server, or a Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional-based client that is a member of a Windows 2000 domain. This error will appear if you try the promotion.
- M308787 - This problem occurs if you delete a user account at the operating system level under which SQL Server runs.
- M312164 - The error appears if a policy is assigning a user right to an SID for a deleted user.
- M827213 - This problem occurs if the KMS database contains a Microsoft Windows NT Security Identifier (SID) that is not mapped. An SID may not be mapped if the Windows NT user account that is associated with the SID has been deleted from the domain, but the SID still exists in the cryptographic service provider (CSP) database of KMS. Generally, this problem occurs if the Windows NT user account of a user who is a KMS administrator is deleted before the KMS Administrator permissions are removed from this user account.
- M839115 - In this case the problem is caused by an Antivirus program that is not Exchange aware.
- M883271 - The problem can appear if you have account names that use non-ASCII characters, such as and .

See the links below for more information on this error.

While people are used to see user names and assign rights and permissions using the friendly "user name", internally, Windows is using the SID (security identifier) to intentify the users and the groups. A user SID looks something like S-1-5-21-197031408-981208221-617630493-1079. This way, we can change the user name and Windows does not need to adjust rights and permissions as the SID remains the same.

Now, some applications are not that smart to use just the SIDs and use the actual user or group name. If this is changed, then they are not able to find them and they generate this error. In other circumstances, if the user is deleted, the deletion is not propagated to all the Windows settings (a common one is the Group Policies) and when the applications that use these settings run, they are not able to find the user.

There is not much one can do to fix this as it is not an actual error but rather a warning. However, once one understands the cause of this error, it can enable logging or lookup up various configurations (depending on the application reporting this problem) and identify the missing users or groups.

Symbolic code: ERROR_NONE_MAPPED


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