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Error code 1450

Error code
Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.


This may indicate that some of the system resources are depleated. These resources are not necessarily things like physical or virtual memory but also resources that Windows allocates to certain processes (and that have a limit, regardless of the overall resources available to the system itself).
For well behaved applications, Windows allocates more than enough resources. So what may cause this problem?
- bugs in software - this is probably the most common cause. The solution here lays in the hands of the software developers and a network administrator can only apply the latest fixes and service packs and eventually report the error to the developers. Searching the newsgroups for the symbolic code of this error, one may find how common is this to faulty programms. Programmers may use various tools available to them to identify the leak. In many cases the only way to reset the use or resource pool is to restart the server. This will probably fix for a while until the resources are spent again.
- in some conditions, this is caused by the way some resources are accessed. One example is network drives. If one maps a drive letter to a network share, the system would access it differently in comparison to accessing that share using a UNC path. So if a server (\\SERVER) has a share called DATA, then accessing that drive using UNC: \\SERVER\DATA may actually make the system or the application aware that this a network drive so its behavior may change (fixing the problem).

Suggestions for programmers from newsgroup posts:
- "Monitor your DriverEntry return code."
- "Are you freeing file handles? If you repeatedly call CreateFile without closing the file handle, you will eventually run out."



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Keywords: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.: Google - Bing - Microsoft - Yahoo

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