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Error code 1726

Error code
The remote procedure call failed. RPC_S_CALL_FAILED


As per Microsoft: "A server connection was lost while the server was attempting to perform a remote procedure call. It is unknown whether the remote procedure call executed, or how much of it executed. The connection may have broken because of a problem with the network hardware or because a process terminated". The error is most likely a result of network problems or bugs in the application responsible for the error.

If this problem appears when trying to add a port, such as an LPR Port, the problem is caused by the spooler service not being allowed to interact with the desktop. See "Print Service Product Operations Guide" and M153477 for more details.

The following are examples of causes for this error:

- M253810 - In SQL Server 7.0, the problem is cause by a bug in Replmerg.exe. The latest Service Pack should fix the problem.
- M283370 - In this case, the use of a forward slash (/) character in the Microsoft Cluster Service Quorum root path is to blame for the error. Correct the path, and the problem is fixed.
- M300367 - Here, the problem appears because there is a flaw in how "alter context" requests are made. As per Microsoft: "When a DCOM client needs to request a service from a server, it first establishes a connection with the server, then specifies the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface that it needs to use by using a "bind" request. If the client later needs to use a different RPC service from the same server, it can do so by using an "alter context" request".
- M321926 - COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) applications that use the explicit security override feature to supply a userID and a password to COMTI generate this error message when a userID or a password that is longer than 10 characters is submitted.
- M327020 - If the problem arises after you add new disks to a hardware RAID array, the problem is caused by a timing issue when Disk Management removes the old disk and enumerates and installs the newly sized disk.

See the links below for additional information on this error.


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