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Error code 31

Error code
A device attached to the system is not functioning.


This error indicates that the operating system detects that a certain hardware is present but it is not responding as expected.
Potential problems that may cause this error:
- defective hardware - this is obviously the most natural cause for this. Look for additional messages indicating failure of starting devices.
- corrupted or missing files - if device drivers get corrupted, the system will fail to contact the hardware or other components that are accessed in the same way as hardware devices (see M139434). Sometimes, files may get deleted or fail to be updated during upgrades (see M257567). Another similar problem may occur when different versions of the same file are installed on that system and the wrong one may be in the search path before the latest one. A virus may also be the cause of file corruption or deletion. The solution for this type of situation would be to obtain the latest drivers and reinstall the latest service packs.
- bugs in software (see M824414) or software that does not follow the standards may also generate this in certain conditions (see M319445). It is hard to identify these situations and of course, one needs the developer to release a fix or an workaround these issues

Symbolic name: ERROR_GEN_FAILURE


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If you have additional details about this error code, please send it to us

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