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Error code 53

Error code
The network path was not found.


Here are some examples when this error can occur:

- M225134 - This problem may appear when you attempt to use a Windows 2000-based computer running Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW) or Client Services for NetWare (CSNW) to browse a NetWare Directory Services (NDS) computer (server) alias object in an NDS tree. Install the Novell Client for Windows 2000 to resolve this problem.
- M269264 – The cause of this problem can also be attributed to DNS. For example, the computer’s DNS server in TCP/IP Properties contains an incorrect IP address.
- M319147 and M822577 – These articles describe a situation where the problem is caused by the Remote Registry service not running.
- M327438 – If you are trying to run a .Net Framework application from a command prompt by using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path name that contains spaces, you need to enclose UNC in quotation marks.
- M832578 and M840634 – In this case the Internet Connection Firewall/Windows Firewall is responsible for the error.
- M887415 – In this case VERITAS StorageCentral 4.1 or Precise Software Solutions WQuinn/StorageCentral SRM 5.0 for Windows are responsible for the error. Update the applications to resolve the problem.

This error means that a NetBIOS service tried to obtain the IP address of a computer using its NetBIOS name but it could not resolve it to an IP address that it could be contacted. So in general, this may indicated a NetBIOS name resolution problem.

If the name and IP address of a computer is obtained through WINS, this error may occur if the computer changed its IP address but the WINS records have not been updated. Re-registering the computer with WINS should update the records (a reboot would do this or one can wait approx. 12 minutes for the computer to update its WINS records). The local cache of NetBIOS names should also be cleared.


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