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Error code 80004005

Error code
Unspecified error.


This is a generic erorr. What it basically means is that the application encountered "some" error and this could mean anything. Almost all applications can generate at some point this error. Searching Microsoft's support site or the newsgroups for this error code generates hundreds of hits so the trick would be to add additional filtering criteria so the search would be limited to the particular application that generated the error. In some cases, additional information is presented along with this error code (i.e. "Conversion to Internet format failed" as seen on M187869). This additional information is very important in pinpointing the real problem, the 0x80004005 just tells that there's a problem).

M971204 describes a situation when this error is recorded when you install Vista SP2. The Vista SP2 installer must update the system boot files. If third-party disk management tools are used to "clone" disks or partitions, the SP2 installer will be unable to uniquely identify the correct system boot files and this error is recorded.

Symbolic code: E_FAIL


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Keywords: Unspecified error.: Google - Bing - Microsoft - Yahoo

If you have additional details about this error code, please send it to us

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