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Error code 8004005

Error code
Unspecified error


As its description says, this is an error that the application generates when it cannot determine what caused the problem. From the various articles and instances of this problem, one can see that this may happen when the application has not been programmed to handle specific situations (i.e. Microsoft Reader does not support a certain type of encryption and when it tries to read an encrypted document it simply fails with this error code instead of warning that the encryption type is not supported). This may be considered a bug as the application should be able to recognize the nature of the problem. It is hard however to predict any type of problem that an application may encounter so at least, this shows that the error has been detected (even though not properly identified) and the program ended gracefully instead of simply crashing.
In certain cases, this indicates a bug in one of the components of the program. In large, complex applications, there are many components that work together in performing a certain task. If one of this components does not do what another may expect, the later may fail. In of the Q articles listed below, the network "pipe" is closed by one component while another may try to send data. In that case, the cause is a bug in the software.
What can a network administrator do about all this? Since this can be a bug, one should make sure that the latest drivers/service packs/patches are installed. This may not be possible on a production machine. Next, one should search all the resources from the software manufacturer for possible reasons (i.e. unsupported features). Additional logging should be enabled if possible. One can also open a troubleshooting ticket with the software manufacturer (in most cases this will probably be Microsoft).


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