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Error code 800706BA

Error code
The RPC server is unavailable.


Here are some examples when this error may occur:

- M217351 - The problem may occur because of improper configuration of the port range settings in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Rpc\Internet registry key or because the port restrictions for a protocol are configured through the DCOMCNFG protocol property page.
- M248809 - The error appears if you try to make Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) calls over a Network Address Translation (NAT)-based Firewall. For DCOM to work, the client must be able to reach the server by its actual IP address. If you use firewalls that translate network addresses, the client cannot use the actual IP address to reach the server.
- M287529 - If you attempt to run Setup for Microsoft Mobile Information Server, Setup may fail if the Mobile Information Server computer does not have a valid A resource record in the Windows 2000 DNS database that is used for the domain that this server is a member of. Setup looks for the server name in DNS.
- M293831 and M302375 - Microsoft Clip Organizer 2002 problems may appear if an older version of the Microsoft Data Access Components is installed your computer, or if the Mstore10.mgc file has become damaged.
- M324825 - In this case, the problem appeared because the Application Center 2000 Synchronization Service was stopped.

See "Connecting Through Windows Firewall" for information on how to configure the Windows Firewall service and Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) in order for WMI to work.

This is the error you get when DCOM cannot contact the remote machine's RPC service. There could be a couple of reasons for this:
- lack of connectivity (network problems, firewalls, routers)
- the remote RPC server is not running (the computer might be down, the RPC service might be stopped or not functioning properly)
- the name of the remote RPC server cannot be resolved to an IP address or the IP address is not the right one (name resolution - DNS/WINS problems)

M259011 provides details about a small test application to verify DCOM connectivity between two computers.



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