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Error code 80072EE7

Error code
No access


As per Microsoft: "If you receive Windows Update error 80072ee7 while checking for updates, you might need to change or remove static IP addresses for the Windows Update service. Addresses are stored in an operating system file, called the Hosts file.

The IP address for the Windows Update service can change each time you check for updates, but some add-on programs for Windows add static address entries to the Hosts file. A static IP address for Windows Update will prevent your computer from getting updates.

To remove static IP addresses for the Windows Update website
1. Open Computer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Computer.
2. Double-click the local hard disk where Windows is installed, typically drive C.
3. Double-click the Windows folder, and then double-click the System32 folder.
4. Double-click the drivers folder, and then double-click the etc folder.
5. In the etc folder, right-click hosts, click Open, and then, when you are prompted to choose a program to open the file, click Notepad.
6. In the hosts file, check if the # sign appears next to each Windows Update IP address and host name entry. If not, add the # sign or delete the entire entry.
7. Click the File menu, click Save, and then try to check for updates again."

See also the link to "Windows Update & Microsoft Update Errors 0x8024402C / 0x80072f78 / 0x8024502D / 0x80072EFE"


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