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Error code C0000010

Error code


If you use software mirroring on dynamic disks for your boot partition, you may receive the following error message when you start and when you shutdown your computer:
STOP: 0x0000007B (0x817bdee8, 0xc0000010, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) Inaccessible_Boot_Device

Note The second parameter in the error message is defined as:

This problem may occur in situations when the primary boot disk at some time reported some unrecoverable disk I/O errors, and has failed redundancy. This causes the primary boot volume to be flagged with a "recover" status in the Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database, and prevents booting to the stale volume.
To work around this problem, use a fault tolerance (FT) boot floppy to restart the computer to the operating system that is located on the shadow drive.

After you restart your computer to the operating system on the shadow drive, start Disk Management, right-click the primary drive (it should have a yellow triangle displayed next to it that indicates that it needs attention), and then click Reactivate disk to remove the recover flag and start regeneration. After the mirror is regenerated and healthy, you can restart your computer as you do normally to the primary drive.

However, make sure that you investigate why the primary drive had I/O errors and to correct the problem to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem. Check the system event log for event messages that are logged by the Dmio event source before the startup problem.

Note If the unrecoverable disk I/O errors that caused this problem only occurred early in the boot process, the system event log may not contain any messages about the failed redundancy until after you successfully start your computer to the shadow drive.

When you use dynamic disk mirroring for the operating system disk before you restart the computer, look in Disk Management to make sure that the mirrored volume and dynamic disks are in a healthy state and do not show errors. If errors appear, take action to correct the error or errors by reactivating the disk to reset the LDM flags. If this action does not succeed, restart your computer to the shadow drive by using a fault tolerance (FT) boot floppy disk for the next scheduled restart.


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