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Error types

By Adrian Grigorof, B.Sc., MCSE

ADO -  Error codes returned by Active Data Objects functions.

Automation - Also known as COM errors,  are generated by COM/DCOM objects.

Bugcheck - Also known as Stop errors, are errors generated by Windows OS when it has to shutdown the system or risk data damage.

HTTP - Error generated for HTTP requests.

Indexing Service - The errors represent return values produced by the content-indexing helper functions.

Kerberos - Failure codes generated by Kerberos authentication software

MAPI - Microsoft Extended Messaging Application Programming Interface. Most Extended MAPI functions will return numeric result codes.

MsiInstaller - Error codes generated by Microsoft Installer.

Network - Windows network-related error messages. Mapping between error codes and their short description can be obtained via the "NET HELPMSG #<error code>" command

ODBC - Errors generated by the Open Database Connectivity interface.

VBScript Compilation - Errors generated by VBScripts.

WinSock - Error codes returned by Windows Sockets API functions. There are two kinds of errors in Windows Sockets: task-based (or thread-based) and socket-based. An application can retrieve the task-based error by calling WSAGetLastError()

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