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Event ID: 1001 Source: ApplicationError

Fault bucket <bucket number>.
As per ME900004, this problem may appear when you install the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit. The Rkadmin.dll file may cause an access violation after you run a file search operation several times.

See ME923996 and ME946627 for additional information about this event.
In our case, this problem was due to a corrupt User Profile. After deleting the profile that had this issue and having the user log back in, this error did not appear again.
I have seen this error on a Win2003 SP1 system. When you restart a machine while the mmc (Microsoft Management Console) process is still open, Windows will try to reopen it again after you log on and fails. Apparently, there is a bug between that functionality and DEP (Data Execution Prevention). DEP thinks that mmc.exe is a virus and prevents it from starting. In this case, you can safely ignore this error.
See ME828664 and MSW2KDB for information on this event.
See the link to Understanding and Troubleshooting Unrecoverable Errors.

Also a Dr. Watson log file named Drwtsn32.log and a user.dmp file is also created. This user dump is a snapshot of the memory being used by the faulting application at the time of the error.

Sometimes there is a details button that is available to obtain more information on the error, such as the exact error message and the module involved. On Windows ME, there is no Details button, but you can press ALT+D on your keyboard to view the details.

Corporate Error Reporting tool is available for administrators to collect user-mode fault information and optionally submit the reports to Microsoft for additional details (see Corporate Error Reporting). Also the link to "How to Configure and Use Error Reporting"

This occurred after machine BSOD with an infinite loop BSOD on the nvidia video driver. Upgrading to the latest beta of the nvidia driver fixed the problem.

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