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Event ID: 11 Source: cpq32fs2

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\cpq32fs21.
If you add an external hard disk to an embedded SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) controller on a computer running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4 and SSD version 2.12, Event Viewer may report this event, in addition to event 7026. See ME244984 for more information.
This problem is usually linked to hardware issues. In  almost all of  my experiences, rechecking cables, trying another SCSI ID, and changing the PCI or SCSI port of the attached device (tape drive, etc..) have fixed this.
In our case, this occured on a Compaq ProLiant cluster server. It was caused by poor shared array access. Sometimes one node will not boot. The cluster services would often fail. It turned out that the SCSI ID# of the two nodes were both set to ID# 7. We modified the SCSI ID# of the first node to ID# 6. Compaq support confirmed.
This event happens right before event 15 (source dlttape-VRTS) and at the same time as event 57665 (source Backup Exec). Systems exhibiting this behavior should be checked for hardware and specifically SCSI related issues. In almost all cases, these messages are being posted due to hardware problems with either the controller or, more likely, a device that is attached to the controller in question. The hardware problems can be associated with poor cabling, incorrect termination or transfer rate settings, lazy or slow device responses to relinquish the SCSI bus, a faulty device, or, in some cases, a poorly written device driver. See ME154690.

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