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Event ID: 1204 Source: StorageAgents

Drive array accelerator status change. The array accelerator board attached to the aray controller in slot <value> has a new status of 4. Accelerator status values: 1=other 2=notconfigured 3=enabled 4=tempdisabled 5=permdisabled
[snmp trap: 3038 in cpqida.mib].
Accelerator board status change. This trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of an array accelerator cache board. The current status is represented by the variable cpqDaAccelStatus.
User Action:
- tmpDisabled(4): Seen on an HP DL380 G4 server that just got a new battery backed-up write cache (BBWC). This warning indicates the battery is not fully charged yet. Check again in an hour or two; you should see a Storage Agents information event 1204 with a status of 3 (enabled). If the problem is not solved, see the link to the HP Forum topic called "Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed" which suggests a firmware update.
- permDisabled(5): You may need to replace the accelerator board. Info found in HP doc c00293064.pdf (see the link to Microsoft Windows Event ID and SNMP Traps).

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