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Event ID: 13008 Source: MSExchangePop3Interface

A FormatMessage operation for message 0x80040115 failed. Returning NULL.
This problem occurs after an offline restore or running ESEUTIL against the “priv.edb” file. You need to run the ISINTEG (usually located c:\exchsrvr\bin\eseutil.exe) utility against the “priv.edb” file with the following switches: “C:\exchsrvr\bin\isinteg -pri -fix -verbose -test alltests”.
First of all the error states that it is a message format error and then gives you a message ID for the particular message that might be causing this.
The solution to this problem is simple:
- I re-apllied SP4 for for Exchange 5.5
- I then used Exmerge to merge all data to pst.
- Deleted the Mailbox and recreated it from scratch.
- After the mailboks has been recreated set up the POP3 Connection and test it on the newly created mailboks, the client should authenticate and state that there are no new messages in you mailboks (Cause it has been recreated and not restored yet). After this step merge the mail in the PST back to the mailbox using Exmerge.
Suggested action:
1. Apply sp3
2. Remove antivrus software, then apply sp3 and then reinstall antivirus software
3. Run optimizer
4. run isinteg - fix
5. check the NIC for any problems
6. Increase the page file size (SBS should have a pagefile of a minimum of 256 mb)

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