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Event ID: 2 Source: LDM

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- Description: The parameter is incorrect, error code: 80070057 - I received this error when I tried to open de logical disk manager while the system was still adding an additionally installed hard disk. After this, the LDM could not be opened. I rebooted and all was back to normal.
From a newsgroup post: "I am using Windows XP Professional in a new PIV machine whose C:\ drive is a WD 120 GB set up for the NTFS file system. I also have a WD 60 GB drive formatted for FAT32, which I have transferred from my previous machine and for use as a slave on the same IDE cable. The 60 GB has never been used as a boot drive, so it does not contain system files. The machine finds both drives automatically, and I am able to access files from the 60 GB drive. In addition, the device manager tells me that all is OK. However, every time I boot, Windows XP tells me that it has found and installed the 60 GB drive, and that it may not work properly until I reboot the machine. I have done this multiple times, but the message keeps appearing (though the drive works fine). In the Help and Support documentation, I see advice that I need to initialize the drive. When I use the wizard to do this, I get this error. The drive remains un-initialized, and the boot message persists, so Windows clearly thinks something is wrong. I have tried both cable select and master/slave hookups, but get the same results. I have tried Disk Management - both the wizard and manual versions - in an attempt to initialize the disk. I am running GoBack, which sometimes interferes with boot up processes, like some 3rd party disk utilities designed adapt large disks to old machines. As a last resort, I deactivated GoBack, and the slave disk is now recognized and initialized automatically, without even needing to use Disk Manager (recall this disk was transferred from another machine so is already partitioned, formatted, and partially filled with data). Therefore, it appears that GoBack can in fact intervene in new disk installations, and that the safe procedure is simply to deactivate it temporarily during installation".
Description: The RPC server is unavailable. Error code: 800706BA - no info
Description: The parameter is incorrect. Error code: 80070057 - no info

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