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Event ID: 3 Source: DNS

The DNS server has shutdown.
When promoting a DC using DCPromo, after the promotion of the DC, the DNS service was starting but the DNS console was showing DNS as down with a red X against the server and I was receiving this event when restarting the DNS service. I thought for sure that something was wrong, but when promoting a DC, DNS will behave this way until a full replication of the directory completes. Check the NTDS.dit file and you will see it growing in size as replication completes on the new DC. Also check the event logs to see events indicating the end of replication. DNS worked as expected a few moments after synchronization completed.

I think that the reason this happens is that the Domain and Forest DNS partitions in AD are the last to be replicated when doing a DCPromo, and DNS would not run on a DC until it can check if there are any AD integrated zones that it needs to load.
This behavior can occur when the registry key that determines whether your DNS server initializes from a boot file or from the registry has not been updated properly. See ME171781 to solve this problem.
When you shut down a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer that is running the DNS Server service and then restart the computer, this event might be logged. See ME875529 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows 2000.
Occurs when the DNS service is stopped or the computer is shutdown.

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