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Event ID: 33152 Source: BackupExec

Adamm Database Error: <error description>
Error = <error details>
Server = "<server>"
Active Node = "<node>"
Instance = "BkupExec"
Database = "<database>"
This helped me: EV100273 (Tape Drive Configuration Settings available in Backup Exec).
The adamm.log file may contain more verbose information about the source of the problem. See EV100262 (How to read the ADAMM.LOG file, and what various errors mean within the log).
From a support forum:
I was getting this event with Backup Exec 10d running on a Brand new HP ML350 with on-board SCSI controller for the HP DAT72 Drive. (Separate RAID Controller for Disks). Event details:

Adamm Mover Error: GetDriveInfo Failure!

After a lot of effort troubleshooting this, the fault has appeared to be with the one of the on-board SCSI controller channels (the on-board SCSI controller of the Proliant ML350).
In our case, we were getting:

Adamm Mover Error: Write Failure!
Drive = "HP 2"

It turned out that one of the SCSI terminators on the HP LTO Ultrium-3 tape drive was damaged.
Event details:
Adamm Mover Error: GetDriveInfo Failure!
Drive = "IBM 1"

According to a support forum, this message was recorded on a system using an IBM tape drive. Using the IBM DLT-DDS tape drive diagnostics v5.8.3, the user narrowed down the problem to a damaged tape. Once the tape was replaced, the problem disappeared.

In my case following warning came up along with the error event id 11  from ADIC1000 after starting an inventory job on a Dell PowerVault 132 connected to a PowerEdge Server with an Adaptec controller Card.

Adamm Mover Error: Unload Status Retry!
Drive = "IBM 1"
Media = ""

Check for bad cable SCSI connection and controller card / mainboard slot. After rebooting the PowerVault first and thereafter the server, the error was gone. Running the inventory job was successful also.
See EV100121 (Symantec Article TECH87166).
See "Veritas Support Document ID: 270568" for information about this event.
See Veritas Support Document ID: 280508 for assistance in troubleshooting this problem.
Our IBM tape library often gave hardware errors, which would also show in the event log: twice a warning and once an error. The tape library also showed errors on its display, so we sent it to IBM for repairs. Afterwards, the errors didn't reoccur anymore.
The drive in my scenario was a Seagate STT320000A IDE Travan drive. Replacing the tape drive stopped this error from reappearing.
See Veritas TechNote ID: 264273 for details on this error.

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