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Event ID: 4005 Source: DNS

The DNS server received indication that zone . was deleted from the Active Directory. Since this zone was an Active Directory integrated zone it has been deleted from the DNS server.
ME298148 shows information on how to remove the Root zone.

From a newsgroup post: "If someone meant to delete a zone off a particular DNS server, and that zone is AD Integrated, unfortunately the system will translate it as a request to delete the zone entirely out of the AD database. You can test that by creating a zone, make it AD integrated, create the zone on all DC/DNS servers as AD Integrated, and then delete it from one of them. You will find it is deleted from the database entirely and will affect all DNS servers.
A system state backup will back up the AD Database. To restore just the zone data, however, you will need to perform an authoritative restore for that specific data. See ME241594 for details on how to perform an authoritative restore to a domain controller".

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