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Event ID: 4209 Source: cpqasm

The compaq System Management Driver has detected that the system encountered a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) prior to this boot. The NMI source was: Uncorrectable memory error, socket <socket number>.
Error on compaq Proliant - 1600. This was a memory failure in socket #1. Could be bad memory or bad slot on the system plane.
1. Shutdown the system and power cycle the machine. Turn it back on and run the compaq tools (F10 at boot) and run a memory test. If memory is reported bad move to next step.
2. Remove memory from Slot1 and replace with slot 2. Run compaq tools (F10 at boot). If memory reports error again, the slot is bad. Get tech to replace system plane, possibly the mother board. Can also run the machine without memory in slot #1.
3. If no error is found on new memory in slot#1. The memory stick is bad and should be replaced.
Ensure that you have the good memory module generation in the server. For the DL 360 and DL320, even if the memory modules have the same capabilities (133MHz, ECC SDRAM Buffered DIMMs). There are two different generations with two different spare numbers.
A compaq ProLiant DL320 server configured with a system ROM dated prior to 11 April 2001 (04/11/2001) may have excessive occurrences of Non-Maskable Interrupts (NMI) due to uncorrectable ECC parity errors. To correct the problem, upgrade the system ROM to a version dated 11 April 2001 (04/11/2001) or later, using the Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade Diskette for Compaq ProLiant DL320 Servers, available in SoftPaq SP16864.

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