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Event ID: 6324 Source: MIIServer

The server encountered an unexpected error and stopped.
This error manifests itself following Event ID 6208 from source MIIServer. It is caused when the service account running the MIIServer service is changed to a new account. To complete the changeover and remedy the problem you must run the MIIS Setup (Add/Remove Programs should work click Change) program and choose Configure. Configure will allow you to change the service account and reapply permissions to the database for the new account, however the account that this is done with MUST have SA rights to the SQL instance that MIIS is installed on. Adding SA rights allows the MIIS Setup to complete.
During the re-configuration you will be asked to supply the backup keyset that was saved during the original installation or as part of your last exported key set through the Key Management Utility.

It is best practice to have two accounts for MIIS:
1) Service account that MIIS runs under.
2) Service account that MIIS installs under, which has SA rights (if only temporarily to apply updates and service packs).

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