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Event ID: 7035 Source: ServiceControlManager

The <service name> service was successfully sent a <start/stop> control.
This event is recorded for several services when the computer is powered on. The reason for this is that various services may perform certain tasks at startup and once done they will stop by themselves. In this case, the 7035 event is accompanied by the corresponding 7036 (recorded when the service stops).

- Service: WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery - This message is recorded approx. every hour on Windows 2003 Servers (post SP1) and it is a "normal" message. The proxy discovery service is started every hour in order to detect if any changes have occured in the proxy configuration for that server (and apply them if necessary). If there is no proxy installed or if the system is configured manually this service can be stopped.

- Service: Windows Installer - See ME974524.
- Service: Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) - See the link to "NUS Software Article" for information about this event.
- Service: IPSEC Services - See ME870910 to see a situation in which this event occurs.
This message just indicates that a service was started or stopped correctly. Info given by the help and support tool from XP: “A control code was correctly sent to the service. This message is logged for informational purposes only”.
A service has been sent a request to stop.

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