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Event ID: 9321 Source: MSExchangeMTA

An RPC communications error occurred. An attempt to listen over RPC has failed. Windows 2000 Error: <error code>. [<value><value><value><value><value>] (14).
Error code: 14 - "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation." - no info
Error code: 1703 - "The RPC protocol sequence is not supported." = A protocol sequence identifies the network protocols used to establish a connection between the client and server parts of a distributed (RPC) application. The server does not support a protocol sequence used in this application.
Error code: 1720 - "The endpoint cannot be created." = In a distributed (RPC) application, a server was unable to create a specific destination in one of the interfaces it offers to clients. - This may occur if there is a restriction on what ports can Exchange use. See ME180795. From a newsgrou post: "Make sure that your network card drivers are up-to-date.  Check to make sure that the network card is not set to autodetect ethernet settings (set 10/100mbps manually, set half/full duplex manually - based on your network setup)."
Error code: 1744 - "The RPC protocol sequence was not found." - no additional info.
Error code: 11004 - "The requested name is valid and was found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for." - Ensure that the internal network adaptor is the first item that is displayed in the binding order. See ME279415.
- Error code: 11004 -  This problem may occur with a multihomed server in which one of the active network adapters cannot communicate over remote procedure call (RPC) with other servers in the site. See ME285350 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.
- Error code: 1703 - We had this error after uninstalling the AppleTalk protocol from our Exchange server. I searched the machine’s registry for the “ncacn_at_dsp” keyword, which as per Microsoft identifies AppleTalk and found it only under “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Rpc\ClientProtocols”, key “ncacn_at_dsp” with value “rpcrt4.dll”. Uninstalling the AppleTalk protocol seems not to remove this key from the registry. After I deleted the value, this problem disappeared. Be sure to backup the registry before you modify the registry.
As per Microsoft: "A remote procedure call (RPC) communications error could be a symptom that the message transfer agent (MTA) was shut down. Check the status of the MSExchangeMTA service. Check Event Viewer for related problems". See MSEX2K3DB and ME280449 for information on fixing this problem.
ME279537 helped me with this problem.

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