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Event ID: 7 Source: dlttape-VRTS

The device, \Device\Tape0, has a bad block.
See the link to "EventID 7 from source Cdrom" for information on this event.
This error was occuring for 4 consecutive days using Windows 2000 Server, Veritas 8.0, Dell Poweredge with internal tape drive and all with latest updates. Re-installed Veritas 8.0 and the tape driver. Restarted the server and re-inventoried all tapes using brand new tapes. Error still occurred. Contacted Dell technical support and they replaced the tape drive.
I have seen this error occur when incorrect termination has been set on the SCSI bus.
This event may indicate a defective tape.
This may also indicate that a cleaning tape has been inserted in a slot that has not been reserved for a cleaning tape, in case of a tape loader. Ensure that the cleaning tape is in the correct slot in the cartridge.

After looking at the Veritas link, I didn't find the codes I was looking for. I found these documents:

I enclose two links in case one stops working, as this is an X3T9 Committee draft document prior to the approval and publication of SCSI-2 by ANSI, designated X3.131-1994.

My error was SENSE=3 ASC=9 ASCQ=0, which means "Track Following Error". In plain english, usually the servos are dead and the drive requires replacing. I've seen in many posts that this could also be a dirty mechanism, but cleaning the drive several times does not work for me.
This event is generated when performing a media operation on a DLT drive. When such an error occurs, the device does send some information regarding the error encountered. This information can be found by examining the data block of the event itself. To interpret the Data see Veritas TechNote ID: 241684 link below.

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