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Event ID: 1004
Event Source: Active Administrator Maintenance Service
Event Type: Warning
Event Description: The service agent was not found on server <ServerName>. Error: Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer ''<ServerName>''. This operation might require other privileges.
Comment: Active Administrator Maintenance Service needs to access the Service Control Manager (SCM) on all computers running the auditing agents and the SCM running on the Active Administrator server and to access the Audit database. The user for the Maintenance service must be a member of the local Administrator group on any computer running the Auditing Agents and for the Active Administrative server. The user must be an Administrator on the local computer to open and control the SCM.
Event ID: 1004
Event Source: Offline Files
Event Type: Information
Event Description: Path \\server\share transitioned to slow link with latency = 20 and bandwidth = 0
Comment: Windows 7 with offline files transition limit set to 1ms by GPO reports to be in offline state while connected to the domain using a link with latency more than 1ms but still transitions to online and continue to be in an online state. Even if SMB 2.1 used on both the client and the servers (file/dc) in question the Win7 client remains online.
Event ID: 1004
Event Source: DTCounters
Event Type: Error
Event Description: The Doble-Take counter DLL could not read the "First Counter" value under the Double-Take\Performance Key.

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