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Comments for event ID 4097 currently in the processing queue.

Note: We have not reviewed this information yet so it is unfiltered, exactly how it was submitted by our contributors.

Event ID: 4097
Event Source: VIPAccessForDesktop
Event Type: Error
Event Description: Resource DLL for default lang(0409) not found! Path:0409\vssofttokenresource0409.dll: AppErr:19306 SysErr:126 Desc:
Event ID: 4097
Event Source: OIPEventLog
Event Type: Error
Event Description:
Event Type: Error

Event Source: OIPEventLog
Event Category: None
Event ID: 4097
Date: 17/01/2013
Time: 15:46:30
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxx
17-01-2013 15:46:30:505 Severity = 0 : Exception UserId:26 PbxId:0
    Service: CallService  ServiceID:515397823 on xxxxx.xxxxx.local / User: SYSTEM Id:26
     Object: com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.Server.CTIListener
   Location: com.ooc.OB.GIOPServerStarter.getWorker(
ObjectInfo: m_Terminal : com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService[email protected]771b96
             m_LogServer : com.aastra.pbx.oip.LogServ[email protected]1ffd367
             m_bSupressNextSpeech : boolean=false
      LogId: 3:Catched exception
  Exception: gethostbyname() failed: --numeric
        org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: gethostbyname() failed: --numeric  vmcid: 0x4f4f0000  minor code: 14  completed: No
at com.ooc.OCI.IIOP.ConnectorInfo_impl.remote_addr(
at com.ooc.OCI.IIOP.TransportInfo_impl.endpoint_alias_match(
at com.ooc.OB.GIOPServerStarter.getWorker(
at com.ooc.OB.GIOPClient.find_bidir_worker(
at com.ooc.OB.GIOPClient.getWorker(
at com.ooc.OB.GIOPClient.bind(
at com.ooc.OB.DowncallStub.locate_request(
at com.ooc.CORBA.Delegate._OB_getDowncallStub(
at com.ooc.CORBA.Delegate.request(
at org.omg.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._request(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.CallSrv._ITspListenerStub.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.Server.CTIListener.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.CTIDrv.ICallEventListenerPOATie.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.CTIDrv._ICallEventListenerStub.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.Server.ProxyTalker.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.Server.SubscriberManager.exceptionRaised(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.Server.SubscriberManager.sendUserStateEvents(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.Server.CtiDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.Server.CtiDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.CTIDrv.ICtiDriverPOATie.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CTIDriver.CTIDrv._ICtiDriverStub.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.Server.CallService.connectCTIDriver(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.Server.CallService.clientIsReady(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.CallSrv.ICallServicePOATie.clientIsReady(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.CallSrv.ICallServicePOA._OB_op_clientIsReady(Unknown Source)
at com.aastra.pbx.oip.CallService.CallSrv.ICallServicePOA._invoke(Unknown Source)
at com.ooc.OBPortableServer.ServantDispatcher.dispatch(
at com.ooc.OBPortableServer.POA_impl._OB_dispatch(
at com.ooc.OB.DispatchRequest_impl.invoke(
at com.ooc.OB.ThreadPool$
Comment: Occurring twice a minute at the same second since 10/07/2012 until today (31/01/2013). This is the only event in the application log.
Running on Windows Server 2003 SP2.
Event ID: 4097
Event Source: VSS
Event Type: -
Event Description: -
Comment: Turn everything off that boots up on start up and restart VSS services. Index: 9417
Event ID: 4097
Event Source: Windows Fabric
Event Type: Warning
Event Description: transport XXX dropping message {XXX} due to throttle
Comment: Too many errors It could be associated with SharePoint. It comes also with EventID 4100
Event ID: 4097
Event Source: CAPI2
Event Type: Information
Event Description: Automatic update of successful third root certificate: Object : <CN=XXXX O=XXXX L=XXXX S=XXXX C=XX>

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