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This feature is only available to EventID.Net subscribers.

The "Custom search" feature of provides you with customized search expression for a specific event. For example, event id 1000 from source Userenv has a large number of variants (as of March 25, 2018 we have 39 but there could be many more). Searching the Internet for "event 1000 Userenv" will return links to all the variants instead of the one you are looking for.

event 1000 Userenv

It will return over 177,000 hits!

However, the "Search keywords" feature helps narrowing down the scope of the search significantly. For example, for this event:

Event ID
Description: Your profile was not successfully loaded, but you have been logged on with the default system profile. Please correct the problem and log off. (<error code>)

the search keywords would be:

"have been logged on with the default system profile"

This search only returns 281 hits.

Our consultants will keep adding customized search keywords for the events in our database so you will save even more time in the troubleshooting process.

You could save valuable time while getting access to premium content at

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hy US Department of Justice, US Attorney General, US Department of Treasury, US Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
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hy Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Ameritech, Schwab, BBC, Lucas Film
and many more.

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